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Stegherr MachineryStegherr Door 2

For decades STEGHERR have been manufacturing woodworking machinery of the highest quality and reliability for the manufacture of windows and doors.

All the machines have been developed from the necessity of being continuosly adapted to meet the requirements of a evolving industry and utilisingstate of the art technology. The main aims are precision, service life and the price-performace ratio.

Stegherr Half JointThe range of machinery available start with the KSF-Mini to the KSF-2/6 Electronic Halving Jointing machines and the KF-Mini to the KF-2 End Scribing machines.

Stegherr also supply machines for Notching, Drilling, Dowel Gluing and Inserting, Boring and Milling. Therefore enabling Stegherr to supply machines to satisfy an extensive area of joinery requirements.

Machinery Model Types

KSF-Mini Halving Joint machine.

KSF-2 Halving Joint machine

KF-Mini End Scribing machine

KF-1 End Profiling and Drilling machine

KF End Scribing, Drilling & Dowel Inserting

NF-200/400 Notching machine

Other machines available in the Stegherr range:

- BV and SV Glazing bar feeder units.

- KSF-R Halving joints machine for curved windows.

- KSF-K Kitchen cabinet door joints.

- FD-E2 & E3 Machining centers.

- DS Drilling and dowel insetion.

- BBF CNC machinig center


Information on these machines are available either from or the manufacturers website