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The company was formed in 1987 by John and Carole Penny following two successful years as the Weinig agents for the Home Counties region of the UK.

Utis R50 ThicknesserDuring these two preceding years Steve Cracknell joined John to help cope with the increased business being generated by the success of the Weinig machines in the UK market.

Steve and John had previously worked together at Wadkin Ltd as the sales representative and manager for the southeast of England, and had built up a good working relationship with the woodworking industry of the area.   

To offer the customer a complete package Carole and John decided to start a separate limited company to supplyDuin MW-1 Tennoner machines that would complement the Weinig range.

Agreements were set up with companies such as UTIS, STENNER and DUIN which are still in force today, as is the John Penny Partnership that act as agents for Weinig UK Ltd.

In January 1989 Dean Grimbley joined the team having spent a number of years installing moulding machines all over the world for Wadkin Ltd.

His undoubted knowledge of moulders was a great asset to the team and the increased business that was then being experienced was an indication of this knowledge.     

In July 1989 Graham Penny joined the company to manage the every day business of the company and with his long experience in the motor and mechanical handling industries the service side of the company expanded.

During the 1990’s the company had steady growth and extended the machine range, specialising in solid wood processing equipment. 

In 2002, with the growth of the wooden window market now Stegherr KF-Minievident, a new partnership was formed with the specialist window machine manufacturer STEGHERR of Regenstauf in Germany, allowing the company to offer a true total package to the UK’s wooden window producers.        

John Penny Woodworking Machinery Ltd is now a very well established company in the woodworking industry of the UK with a wide range of equipment to offer.

We are a small company but we are big on experience and knowledge so put us to the test if you have a requirement for machinery or tools.